Friday, 5 June 2009

Saturday, 5 January 2008

This is Zanzibar, one of the main characters in the film. The best bit of design in the film for me would be his arm, which i designed right down to the last screw, had a lot of fun working out how it would actually work. The influence strangely enough was "Rayman"-i saw his floating limbs on a Wii advert and thought that might be a good idea! As well as designing ZZ(for short), i designed the female squib and did the re-design for our furry hero-"Squib". Chris Nix my co-director did a great job on modelling, texturing both ZZ and Squib(who did the original sketch of the character) and Matt Carey(our producer)modelled and textured the female squib. We all hate fur now...

The Buggy

My first real peice of modelling-eugh! Had to texture this thing in two different softwares as we were forced to chance mid-production! Though i do like the "Goffyear"

The Bridge

The bridge city, originally the first shot was the view of the drunken driver leaving the city, but there was not enough time to go with that and the new 1st shot is a better choice as its quite powerful in what happens to the protagonists girly friend..

Early city designs..

At first i wanted the city to be somewhere between bladerunner and starwars, but the more i went into it, it became a lot less advanced in terms of technology-more functional and dirty. Eventually it was designed as a bridge city that mined the raw materials found in the crevice it was built over.